Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fake Crime Scenes

One of my favorite projects was creating crime scenes and then photographing them. These three I chose to showcase because I liked the further away images the best. Eventually, I would like to continue on with this project in all sorts of cool and creepy locations. A big thanks to my friends, especially Donna, who willingly laid in a freezing cold puddle for me!!


The main part of my travels this Christmas were in Pennsylvania. While I took a lot of photographs, I felt that these two were the best. One is of the Liberty Bell, and the other of a flower in Longwood Gardens.


This is my last favorite image from my New York adventure. The staircase just appealed to me. This was taken on a pier not far from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Cool Mansion

Whilst in New York, I stayed across the street from this green mansion. You may recognize it from the Spiderman movies. On this particular day (the morning that I arrived), the sun was hitting windows across the street and created this awesome light pattern across the mansion. These are some of my favorite photographs from the entire trip. The first image is a group of buildings on the left of the green mansion.

Empire State Building

This next group of images was taken from atop the Empire State Building. I had a blast photographing from up there! There are two observation decks, one on the 86th floor and a higher one on the 102nd floor. These images are from both vantage points.

More New York!

The top image is the Flatiron Building. Completed in 1902, it was one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan at the time. It has been photographed by millions of people over the years, but possibly the most famous photograph of it is Edward Steichen's print from 1904. The middle image is a group of buildings at sunset, and the final image is the Brooklyn Bridge, also at sunset.

New York

AH the city that never sleeps... I fell in love with New York the instant my train stopped at Penn Station. The food, the people, the chaos... And the photographing opportunities are endless. The next few posts are all about New York. These two were taken from the Staten Island Ferry.

East Coast Fujiroids

I am still currently working on a digital montage of all the places I travelled to, but I figured I would share some of my current favorites. This particular group of images was taken with a Fuji Instax Wide camera. I lovingly call the finished product "fujiroids." The camera is the same concept as a polaroid; you snap the picture and it pops out of the camera. In a few minutes, it fully develops and you have an "instant" image. I love this kind of camera simply because it combines the unpredictability of film with the instant gratification of digital. These are my three favorites.