Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fairy Tales

I just finished a self portrait project on Fairy Tales. I recreated them by digitally compositing character images and backgrounds. I then printed out digital negatives (using the PDN system), printed them out in the darkroom in black and white, and hand colored them. Why all this work, you may ask. Well, digital is the easiest format to composite images (go Jerry Uelsmann for doing this all in the darkroom!). However, I didn't want the final product to be digital. I wanted them to take on an illustrated quality.
I find a project is successful when I can't pick out just one favorite. I have about twenty favorites out of this body of work!
I have to thank Isaac Schneider for posing for me. He is every male in every fairy tale. It was quite a challenge trying to make us look different for every character!!!

*My computer is down, so the images that are on here aren't of the best quality. Please bear with me until I can get it running!!*


  1. This is a great way to display your work. I like the fact that you pointed out that these are self-portraits as well. I think that gives the audiance more of a clue about the body of work. Congratulations!!!!

  2. Nice job Aly! I'm still really impressed with the exhibit at the Emerson. I definitely liked your presentation best.

  3. Thank you both!!!! I wanted to start a website, but this is the next best thing!