Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hylite Reservoir

I took these the other night up at Hylite Reservoir.  I recently got a new camera, so this was the inaugural photo shoot!!  I think it was a success, and I'm really happy with these images.  They were all taken with a Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm lens. Shutter speed was anywhere from 2-5 seconds and the f stop was set at 1.4.  I plan on heading back up there either tomorrow or Monday night.  I want to retake one of the images to get rid of the tree in the foreground (not a huge fan of the blurry tree, but others have disagreed with me).  Still, for the first time really using this camera, I feel that the evening was a huge success!!


  1. Wow, Aly, I am so jealous. These are beautiful. There is nothing like a new camera. I have to get back to using mine. AND - I like the blurry tree, but I think I would like it without the tree just as much. Just a question, did you shoot the wild oats with the 50 mm lens? It is spectacular.

  2. Thanks, Lyn!!! I did shoot the wild oats with the 50 mm. I normally don't do landscapes, but I've been having fun photographing in the dark!